Thursday, May 1, 2014

Family Comes Face to Face with Dognapper that Allegedly Stole Their Dog

A woman from Canada allegedly stole a German shepherd family dog will be facing multiple charges that includes breaking and entering, theft, possession of property obtained by crime, and mischief.

The owner of the dog caught the alleged dognapper walking their dog and they have recorded everything on cam and it was a furious showdown. The woman who stole their dog even shave the German shepherd to disguise him. Neil Haskett the owner of the dog, caught the encounter on his video camera when they confront the woman.

Their dog was stolen when his family visit a relative, and they left their German shepherd dog at home named "Partner." To their surprise when they returned, they realized that their house had been broken into and "Partner" is gone.

Haskett reviewed the surveillance cameras and he saw a woman wearing a blue jacket approaching their home, and she was checking out the back door. After a few minutes, another camera caught the same woman with a friend leaving the house with their dog.

The family decided to hit the street and look for their dog in the neighborhood to their surprise they saw a woman walking a dog that looked just like Partner. They caught it all on tape check out the video above. The woman said she got the dog from Pet Safe.

The woman also said that she took the dog because she thought the dog was being abused by the owner and denies breaking into the home.

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