Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cute Dogs Waking Up their Owners for a walk

Check out "Grey" uploaded by "autoedit" on Youtube. The owner said that eventhough the cute Pitbull has a doggie door to the backyard she still wake her owners up to get some attention.

This is the adorable Lexi, a very fully, snow white, Samoyed. She's really cute and watch how she gently wake her owner up below:

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pet Clones, Stuff Toys that looks like your Pet

Pet Clones, Cuddle clones, pets, pet dolls

Pet Clones, Cuddle clones, pets, pet dolls

Pet Clones, Cuddle clones, pets, pet dolls

Do you want a stuff toy that looks like your pet? Cuddle Clones makes customized stuff toys that looks like your real pet. The company clone mostly dogs but they also clone cats, hamsters, and other pets. You can also asked them to capture the unique features of your beloved pets like his/her spots or his/her dopey looks to make it more realistic.

The Pet Clones can serve as a physical reminder of your pet that you can cuddle when they are gone. If you decided to have a toy version of your pets it will cost you from $199 upwards and you have to wait for up to 5 months for your order. That's pretty expensive.

I lost my best friend just last year, yes it's heartbreaking but I don't think a toy version of him will help. The memories that he left behind is more than enough.

You can check out their Facebook page here: