Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Chinese Farmer Adopted "stray puppy", then discovers it's actually a Bear

adorable bear cub, stray bear cub

adorable bear cub, stray bear cub

A farmer in China adopted an adorable stray puppy, he feed, take care of it then he found out that it's actually a bear. The farmer found the cute puppy roaming the streets, thought that it was a Kunming wolf-dog. However, he realized that it was not a dog when he saw the dexterous paws and heard its growl.

Animal officials told him that it was not a domestic pet dog but actually an endangered Asian black bear, recognizable by the patch of white fur on its chest.

Reports said that the cub got separated from his mother in the nearby forest, before being found by the farmer in Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, in south-west China’s Yunnan Province.

Animal officials have sent the cub to the local Dehong Prefecture Wildlife Shelter for breeding. The cub will be kept in the shelter until it learns how to survive on its own in tough natural conditions, after which it will be released back into the forests.

Asian black bears, like the equally endangered giant pandas, are threatened by poaching, with their paws especially sought-after as a delicacy.

The capture, killing, breeding, and trading of the animals is illegal in China. Those caught will be facing up to 10 years in prison or in the case of trafficking pandas even death.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Sharks Feeding Frenzy on a Whale

Sharks Feeding Frenzy, sharking, shark feeding

Sharks Feeding Frenzy, sharking, shark feeding

A Drone flying over an ocean was able to capture an aerial footage of a group of shark  feeding on a humpback whale. It was an ugly and scary sight. You will see two speed boat in the video with people on board watching the carnage unfolds.

The video clip was shot by Eco Abrolhos cruises. The shot was located at Dirk Hartog Island. It was pretty savage. The video was posted on the cruise Facebook page and was captioned "Feeding frenzy at Shark Bay - Tigers having a whale of a time."

"Passengers on our 14 day Geraldton to Broome and everywhere in between were treated to an unexpected phenomena whilst cruising inside Dirk Hartog Island. Something to show and tell the Grandchildren."

Seeing this act of nature while it happen is truly amazing.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Adorable Rescued Red Fox Thinks She’s a Dog

Dawn red fox, Dawn tamed red fox

Dawn is a rescued fox that lives in the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary she is one of the six foxes in the sanctuary that cannot be returned to the wild.

Most of the animals in the sanctuary are rescued due to injuries. They are treated and released back to the wild. Dawn, was brought in the sanctuary when she was still young. The person who picked her up thought she was a dog. She acts like a dog she rolls over for a belly scratch and lick sanctuary workers face.

Dawn cannot be returned to the wild since she is too tamed, she'll not be able to fend for herself. Sanctuary workers said foxes belong in the wild they are not meant to be anyone’s pet.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dog Used as Target Practice in Oklahoma

animal cruelty, animal abuse

This is ridiculously cruel, I can't imagine there are people like these a holes. An Iowa pet rescue organization is rehabilitating a dog that was thrown in a lake, shot and left for dead in Oklahoma.

The 6-year-old Heeler-Beagle mix named Miracle was said to have been used as a target practice by idiots before she was thrown into a rural Oklahoma lake. She was rescued by a kind hearted person.

Volunteers took Miracle straight to Iowa Veterinary Referral Center for treatment. Doctors say the bullet that was shot into the pup's face broke her jaw and became lodged in her side. Vets at IVRC were able to retrieve the bullet. Another bullet grazed the top of Miracle's head, but it didn't penetrate her skull which is a real miracle.