Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dog Used as Target Practice in Oklahoma

animal cruelty, animal abuse

This is ridiculously cruel, I can't imagine there are people like these a holes. An Iowa pet rescue organization is rehabilitating a dog that was thrown in a lake, shot and left for dead in Oklahoma.

The 6-year-old Heeler-Beagle mix named Miracle was said to have been used as a target practice by idiots before she was thrown into a rural Oklahoma lake. She was rescued by a kind hearted person.

Volunteers took Miracle straight to Iowa Veterinary Referral Center for treatment. Doctors say the bullet that was shot into the pup's face broke her jaw and became lodged in her side. Vets at IVRC were able to retrieve the bullet. Another bullet grazed the top of Miracle's head, but it didn't penetrate her skull which is a real miracle.


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