Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Video: Woman Walk Her Dog While Driving Car

Stockton, CA - A woman in Stockton, California capture a woman on camera while she was walking her dog by driving her car which really stress out the dog since it needs to run faster just to keep up.

Amanda Brajkovich capture the incident on video, as she confronted the dog owner. "She's driving her dog down the road." "Disgusting!" She said on the video.

In the video a dog runs alongside its owner’s car, tied with rope.

"If you're going to be a dog owner, a responsible dog owner, then you need to get out and walk your dog, you know?" Brajkovich demanded. "Don't be lazy."

She confronted the woman pulling the dog along the car, but the dog owner defended her actions. "He wasn't being dragged," she insisted. "I was watching his leash, there was no tension."

The Stockton Police Department looked at the video but say this is not animal cruelty. However, they added that the driver would have been cited for distracted driving.

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