Thursday, May 18, 2017

Disturbing Trend Pet Owners Hurting Animals Just to Score Pet Prescriptions

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Addicts are now using pets as tools to score prescription drugs. Some of them are even hurting their pets. CBS2’s Jessica Layton reported, a New Jersey lawmaker wants to put an end to the abuse of pet prescriptions.

New Jersey State Assemblyman Kevin Rooney (R-Wayne) said that he heard about specific cases around the country.

“A golden retriever dog sliced by its owner, taken to multiple vets to get an opiate, dogs were taught to cough in order to go in and be prescribed an opiate. It’s trending throughout the entire United States,” he said.

Right now, in New Jersey, anytime a veterinarian prescribes a medication for someone’s pet, it’s done in the animal’s name. The lawmaker is pushing for a statewide database to keep track of pet prescriptions using the owner’s name.

He said it would crack down on people who hop from vet to vet to get pills.

“It sounds like it’s escalating, and probably not long before I see a case,” Dr. Benjamin Davidson said.

Dr. Davidson, of Blue Pearl Pet Hospital in Paramus said the only downside he can see is that have to report to a centralized system could take time away from pet care.

“But I think we have to look at, we have to look at the big picture which is preventing people from hurting animals,” he said.

In New York, vets are required to make an online report within 24 hours of dispensing tramadol, a pain reliever that can be taken by both people and pets.

Assemblyman Rooney hopes to see his bill go to the full New Jersey legislature in the next few weeks.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Survey Shows Men Increase Attractiveness by Owning A Pet

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Owning a pet is takes a lot of sacrifices and you should treat your pet as a family. However, if you are looking for love you can boost your chances in finding someone when you adopt a furry friend, according to a new survey.

The survey were done by Petsies, a company that makes stuffed animals. They surveyed 1,000 men and women and ask the participants how attracted they were to the opposite sex when possessing differently sized cats and dogs. Researchers showed study participants 12 pictures of the same people. Half of the group saw the person with a pet, while the other half saw him or her without a pet. Researchers used two pictures for each type of pet, and they were classified as “cat, kitten, puppies, small-sized dogs, medium-sized dogs and large-sized dogs.”

Cat owners may be unlucky in love

The study shows women rated men with puppies as almost 24% sexier, 14% more trustworthy and 13% more attractive than the same man not carrying a dog. Also dogs that are medium sized (not too big or too small) gave women the biggest sexiness boost, as men rated them about 7% sexier and more attractive than if they weren’t carrying a dog at all. But in terms of trustworthiness, women with small dogs were rated by men with about 9% more so than women without a dog.

As for women who owns kittens or cats, they were perceived as the least attractive, and women with cats were rated lowest on sexiness and trustworthiness. Also for men, owning a large dog lessen their sexiness and attractiveness. And for the men, being a medium-sized dog owner led to the lowest trustworthy rating.