Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dog Save Her Nine Puppies from Forest Fire by Burying Them

Dog News, rescue dogs Fire, Firefighters, Happy Ending, Heroic Dogs, hero dogs

Dog News, rescue dogs Fire, Firefighters, Happy Ending, Heroic Dogs, hero dogs

Dog News, rescue dogs Fire, Firefighters, Happy Ending, Heroic Dogs, hero dogs

A mum dog saved her nine puppies from a raging forest fire in Valparaiso, Chile by digging a hole and burying them to protect them from heat and fire. Then she ran away to safety. Rescuers found all 10 dogs alive and well.

Thousands of people have been evacuated due to forest fires that are engulfing large swath of land in Chile and Valparaiso, a city in South America. Residents saw the dog moving her pups and reported it to the firefighters. They searched for the dogs and eventually found the puppies in a hole near a large metal storage container. They also searched for the mother and found her inside a burned down home near the puppies.

The rescuers named the dog Negrita or Blacky in English, they are now a local animal organization. A lot of people have donated and offering to adopt the puppies and the mom dog.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dog born without eyes Helps the Sick

Dog born without eyes Helps the Sick, blind dog

Smiley is a golden retriever in Canada who was born without eyes and with dwarfism. Smiley was rescued from a puppy mill when he was two years old. He was trained as a therapy dog, which he is doing for 10 years.

"People were so drawn to him, so inspired by him. I realized this dog has to be a therapy dog. I have to share him." his owner Joanne George said on CBS News. "Dogs can come back from anything, they forget their past. We as humans, dwell on the pas."

Smiley is a certified therapy dog, he is with the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog program which visits and give joy to patients at retirement and nursing homes. He also joins special needs children at a library reading program.

There was one instance when Smiley visited a nursing home and one of the patient who don't speak nor communicate started to smile and make some noise when the dog put his feet up in front of him. All of the nurses rushed into the room and said they've never seen him smile nor gave any kind of reaction.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Pit bull Police K-9s

Pit bull, dogs, K9

Yes, they have a bad reputation with the media due to misconceptions but pit bulls if trained, cared, and love are just like any other dogs. They are loyal, intelligent, energetic and sweet creatures.

Universal K-9 is training five pit bull mixes from Austin Pets Alive, if they qualified they will work for departments in the US.

They are training unwanted shelter dogs that are not getting adopted, saving the dogs from being euthanize.

Hulk: The World's Largest Pitbull

Hulk, The World's Largest Pitbull, pitbull

At only 18-months-old, Hulk is huge at 175 pounds. He looks really intimidating specially with his massive head and huge jaw. If he bite your arms, it'll be like chicken bones. Hulk is owned by Marlon Grannan and his wife Lisa Grannan, according to them he is a gentle and sweet family dog and their  3-year-old son Jordan's best friend.

Grannan wants to change the bad reputation of Pit Bulls in the media, he said "Because Pit Bulls are only in the media when bad things happen, this myth of them as monsters gets perpetuated. "But it's not true. They might not be for everyone, but under a good leader and with proper training, they make amazing family and work or protection dogs."

They owned Dark Dynasty K9s, a kennel that breeds and trains American Pit Bull Terriers as protection dogs for clients worldwide.

What I don't understand is why do they have to cut his ears? I see a lot of Pit Bulls with cut ears? Why do they do that?