Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dog born without eyes Helps the Sick

Dog born without eyes Helps the Sick, blind dog

Smiley is a golden retriever in Canada who was born without eyes and with dwarfism. Smiley was rescued from a puppy mill when he was two years old. He was trained as a therapy dog, which he is doing for 10 years.

"People were so drawn to him, so inspired by him. I realized this dog has to be a therapy dog. I have to share him." his owner Joanne George said on CBS News. "Dogs can come back from anything, they forget their past. We as humans, dwell on the pas."

Smiley is a certified therapy dog, he is with the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog program which visits and give joy to patients at retirement and nursing homes. He also joins special needs children at a library reading program.

There was one instance when Smiley visited a nursing home and one of the patient who don't speak nor communicate started to smile and make some noise when the dog put his feet up in front of him. All of the nurses rushed into the room and said they've never seen him smile nor gave any kind of reaction.

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