Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pet Treat Jerky Linked to Dead Dogs and Sick People According to FDA

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FDA said that a pet jerky treat that are mostly manufactured in China are linked to more than 1,000 deaths in dogs, more than 4,800 complaints about sick pets, and three (3) sick people who ate the jerky.

However, the Food and Drug Administration didn't identify the specific causes of the illness or deaths.

FDA said: “The agency continues to caution pet owners that jerky treats are not required for a balanced diet and encourage them to consult with their veterinarians, both prior to feeding treats and if they notice symptoms in their pets.”

The 3 sick humans are composed of 2 toddlers who accidentally ate the product and 1 adult who ate it. 1 toddler has a salmonella infection, while the other kid has a gastrointestinal illness and fever just like the dogs who ate the product. The 1 adult had a nausea and headache.

FDA said that they got about 1,800 new reports of illnesses and deaths since its last update in October.

Here are the breakdown of the cases:

60% has symptoms of gastrointestinal trouble and liver disease.
30% has kidney disease
10% for other complaints like neurological and skin conditions.

There are also a report that Petco and PetSmart announced that they will be banning the selling of dog and cat treats imported from China in light of this FDA warnings.

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