Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pets in Peril helps Pets in Flint Michigan

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Pets in Peril is an organization that helps pets in needs in Flint Michigan. Pets in Peril director Edith Campbell with her team of 7 women and 1 men goes house to house in Flint's poor neighborhoods to look for abused and neglected dogs. She found chained dogs that suffered the brutal and chilling winter. Her team fed the dogs and find them foster homes.

While rescuing neglected pets, she brings with her "Polo," a 3-year-old bull dog-pit bull mix. Polo was rescued on the north side of Flint. 

Campbell said: "Polo was pretty much dying when we picked him up. We had known him for months and months, but we couldn't get him from the owner. He was being used for breeding."

"Eventually, volunteers were able to convince the owner that Polo was not going to benefit them anymore and the owner gave him up to Pets in Peril. Finally, after all those months, we got him. I was so happy." she adopted Polo after fostering him.

Check out the full story here and all the wonderful photos of the rescue.

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