Monday, March 7, 2016

Woman Who Stopped a Cop from Shooting a Dog Acquitted

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Tiffanie Hupp, 23 has been acquitted on the obstruction of justice charges she was facing. She was arrested when she stopped a West Virginia State Trooper from killing her dog.

The demonic state trooper is Seth Cook he said that he was just doing as he was trained. Yup, trained to do what? abusing the citizens who are paying for their salaries. The dog was clearly wagging his tail and did not pose a threat to the idiot police officer.

The dumb cops was called to respond to a heated dispute between Hupp's father-in-law and a neighbor not about the dog.

Cook the dumb trooper arrive in their property, and the dog named Buddy started walking to him.  Then Mr. Dumbo pulled his gun on Buddy and was about to fire before Hupp stepped in between them, stopping the officer from shooting. Ryan Hupp, Tiffanie's husband was the one who filmed the clip since he is too familiar with issues of police brutality, and wanted to document the officer’s actions.  If he hadn’t, there wouldn’t have been any evidence of the incident at all.

Tiffanie said that when she was arrested, the cops entered their trailer and took all the phones, tabs, and devices. It took almost a month of constantly calling the police department to get their devices back.  At first, they were refusing to return any of the devices unless Hupp or her husband gave up the password protection on their phones.  This would have allowed them to search the phones without a warrant, something they are not allowed to do.

At the trial, the dumb cop Cook testify on his own behalf he accused that Tiffanie had a crossbow in her hands, and also raised her hand up to Cook during the incident. Hupp’s attorneys had a few witnesses to bring, but really only needed to show the phone video of what happened.  At no time does Hupp have any weapons on her person, nor does she make any threatening gestures toward the officer at all.  The whole trial took six hours, and at the end of it all Hupp was acquitted.

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