Thursday, March 17, 2016

Funny Dog Reaction When He Tries to Eat Lime

Dog eat lime, dog licks lime

The reaction of this dog trying to eat a lime was really funny and adorable. The dog which is a boxer, was playing on a beach with his owner when he found a lime in the sand. He started sniffing and licking the lime, and his reaction was hysterical.

starts to get curious about a lime he finds in the sand (perhaps from a long-abandoned margarita?) His post-tasting reaction is hysterical. He pounce his front paws and bang his head like in a rock concert.

WARNING TO DOG OWNERS: Yes, it's probably okay for a dod to lick or taste lime. However, I would suggest to don't let them near it. Limes can be bad for your dog in large quantities. Citrus aurantifolia can be toxic for dogs.

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