Monday, February 3, 2014

Heartbreaking letter by police officer as his final farewell to his beloved K-9 partner

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The hardest part in owning a pet is saying goodbye to your friend and your loyal companion. Massachusetts State Trooper Christopher Coscia said his final goodbye for his loyal K-9 partner, his friend, and his companion in a freezing morning last January. His K-9 German Shepherd partner for 8 long years named Dante suffered a seizure outside his house. And for his loyal K-9 partner he dedicated a heartbreaking obituary that he posted on the State Police Facebook page which was meant for his colleagues at headquarters who knew Dante but has gone viral.

Dante had a pulmonary hypertension, his heart was enlarged and suffered seizures due to loss of blood flow to his brain. Dante was a 9-year-old dog German Shepherd who loves his job and stayed loyal to his partner.

A nice but sad story, I really hope Coscia recovers and Dante is now in dog heaven. Farewell Dante!

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