Saturday, February 15, 2014

Petfit tag: "Smart" dog collar

Petfit tag, Smart dog collar, dog monitor

The dog collar gadget allows the pet owner to monitor the pets health status at a distance. It can check the dog's hours of sleep and calories that they have burned. It was launched in Japan last Thursday.

The gadget is developed in Japan by NTT Docomo, which is the biggest mobile phone operator in that country. The main purpose of the gadget the company said is to have a peace of mind about their furry buddies health, well-being, and whereabouts at all times.

The gadget which is called the "Petfit tag" is equiped with a satellite positioning system that gives signal and information to the pet owners smartphone on the location of the dog or if the dog is running or sleeping. It also shows the distance the dog walks or if the dog is getting enough sleep.

The Petfit gadget will be in store in March at 25,900 yen (US$279).

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