Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What will you do if your pet outlives you?

dog lake
love this photo, the man treat his dog with arthritis in a lake.

As a pet owner this is one of my fears, since I consider my pet as part of my family and I worry about who will take care of my pet when I'm gone or if I'm incapable of caring for my pet.

I read on the that you actually have options on what to do incase you outlive your pet. You can set up a trust account and assign a pet guardian. However, if you can't find someone willing to take your pet, there are other options to prevent your pet going through a public county facility or shelter. You can entrust your loving pet to "Furever Friends Rescue." They are a nonprofit organization and they have managed to adopt out over 1,500 dogs and cats and helped over 300 families.

People who are facing assisted living, nursing homes, hospice or those dealing with the death of a loved one now have an option to entrust their pets to be put up for adoption in a new loving family.

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