Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Safety Tips in Owning a Pet

Pets are considered as a family member since we spend precious moments with them and they give us unconditional love. However, having a pet is not just feeding, walking, and playing with them. We also need to take care of them and ourselves and prevent our pets having bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic diseases.

Here are some tips by Veterinary Dr. Donna Solomon of Animal Medical Center of Chicago to prevent zoonotic disease in pets:

1. Have your pet's stool sample evaluated for parasites twice a year.
2. Give your dog heartworm prevention drugs.
3. Don't let your pet lick your face.
4. Don't let your cats roam and hunt outdoors.
5. Wash any bite or scratch wound you get from your pets immediately with soapy water.
6. Wash hands before you handle food.
7. Cook food to safe internal temperatures
8. Do not feed your pet raw meat.
9. Dispose your pet's waste properly.
10. Vaccinate your pets for Rabies and Leptospirosis.
11. Do not let your pet drink contaminated water.
12. Do not touch or let your pet go near wild animals.
13. Eliminate or reduce the population of rodents.
14. Wash your hands after touching your pet.
15. Wipe your pet's feet after walking outside and its anal area after pooping with hypoallergenic diaper wipes.
16. If your pet is sick, seek veterinary care.

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