Friday, October 10, 2014

Spain Killed Dog named Excalibur Owned by Ebola Patient

Spain Killed Dog, Excalibur dog, Ebola Patient dog

Madrid, Spain - The sweet and cuddly dog named Excalibur owned by the nurse who got infected with Ebola has been killed last Wednesday October 8, 2014 even as animal rights activists and protesters tried to block authorities from getting into the house of the nurse and her husband. There have also been a petition online to spare Excalibur's life that was signed by hundreds of thousand people.

Excalibur, a 12-year-old rescue dog, was killed and it was confirmed by Javier Rodríguez of Madrid’s regional government. He said that the dog will be cremated.

Thomas Skinner of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention during an interview said that dogs and other animals can have an immune response to Ebola, which means that they can be infected.

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