Monday, December 16, 2013

Dog Helps Save Woman Stranded in Snow

Vivian Mayo, 57, was rescued last December 11, 2013 in Alaska she was sufferring from severe hypothermia under her snowmobile with her little brown dog Elvis. She was stranded for 3 nights and was lucky to be alive as temperatures go down below 20 degrees fahrenheit.

Elvis the little brown dog helped her stay alive by providing much needed body heat. AP reported that Vivian Mayo was with his husband Scott Mayo 61, in a cabin near Denali National Park. Her husband left to check on a trap line Saturday but hadn't returned by Sunday.

had been staying at a cabin near Denali National Park with her husband, Scott Mayo, 61, but grew worried when he had gone to check on a trap line Saturday and hadn't returned by Sunday, reports the AP. She was worried about her husband so she tried to leave in her snowmobile and get help but the snowmobile broke down. She was not able to return to the cabin. Family members alerted authorities when the couple didn't return home as expected Tuesday night.

Rescuer found Scott Mayo a few miles from the cabin and was in good condition.

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