Monday, May 13, 2013

Pets in the US today lives longer

Banfield Pet Hospital release their 2013 State of Pet Health Report and things are looking good for our four legged friends. The report stated increase in lifespan of both dogs and cats. The average lifespan of a dog in 2012 was 11 years which is up nearly half a year since 2002 (4% increase), while the average lifespan of a cat in 2012 was 12, which gone up by 1 year since 2002 (10% increase). The report also stated that the small breed dogs live longer than giant breeds.

The States with the longest lifespan for dogs are South Dakota, Montana, Oregon, New Mexico, and Colorado. While states with the shortest lifespan for dogs are Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Delaware, and Massachusetts.

For cats, the states with the longest lifespan are Montana, Colorado, Rhode Island, Illinois, and Nebraska. While states with the shortest lifespan for cats are Delaware, Ohio, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Mississippi.

Obesity has caught up with our cats and dogs, overweight and obesity have reached epidemic levels in dogs and cats in the United States, affecting approximately 1 in 5 dogs and cats. Although some might consider pets to be cuter or happier when they are overweight, the truth is, being overweight is linked to  other serious conditions such as arthritis, heart and respiratory problems and diabetes mellitus (cats).

Check out the full Report here:

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