Saturday, February 16, 2013

Little dog saves family from fire

Bella the dog is tiny and is only 11 months old, but her annoying and insistent bark on Monday night saved a family of four from tragedy.

Bella is a Cavalier King Charles cross with Griffen and Maltese. The dog is trusting and loving.

Jo Conroy, Bella's owner says she cannot bear to think about a different outcome from the fire that gutted her children's bedroom.

On Monday around 8.30pm their family pet was outside the back door barking.

"I thought she was barking at my son who was hanging something out the bedroom window."

But the barking continued and Ms Conroy then thought Bella was barking at the neighbours because of a snipping sound like they were in the garden pruning.

But that snipping was the sound of flames licking along the side of the wooden villa on the Dublin/Keith St corner.

"I told her to be quiet, but then she was just going crazy, barking insanely."

When Ms Conroy investigated further, she saw the flames licking down the side of the house; they were coming from her children's bedroom window that was broken by the heat of the fire from a bed that was on fire.

With her children's father, Ms Conroy ran back into the house and up to the children's bedroom at the front of the house.

Her daughter and son were in a small space between the wall and a box of toys. She reached under and pulled out her 2-year old daughter and gave her to her father. She then reached down and pulled out her son, aged 4, and ran outside.

All four spent the night in Wanganui Hospital for smoke inhalation, and three days later, Ms Conroy is reflective about the family's good fortune.

They lost everything, but they were covered by insurance.

She cuddles Bella and tells her she'll be getting a bone every day.

"Bella is always very good with the children. She has a love affair with my daughter."

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