Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cows are Intelligent Creatures too!

I saw this video on Facebook and was amaze to see how intelligent cows can be. They are also affectionate and gentle to us humans and yet we treat them with cruelty. Yes, I must admit that I eat meat but I'm considering removing any meat in my diet slowly.

Watching the video above, it seems to me that they are like pets they are known for being great problem-solvers. They are also playful, and have emotions. They can do a lot of tricks and do help their fellow cows. See, how they pump water from wells to quench their thirst.

We need to see that every single species in the animal kingdom are here on earth to live and they may look the same but they have different behavior and personality.

I'm not saying that we all should change our diet, what we need is to show more compassion to animals.

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