Tuesday, February 2, 2016

If Your Pet Press its Head to the Wall, Take Your Pet to the Vet

pet press head into a wall, pets, dogs, cats

pet press head into a wall, pets, dogs, cats

You may find it cute but if you see your pets pressing their head into a wall it may be a sign that your pets need an immediate medical attention. Pets that press their head into a wall may be suffering from damage to their nervous system. There can be a number of causes to why they are having nervous system failure, it can be infections or tumors.

Pets cannot speak to humans so hey cannot tell us if they are hurting or suffering from internal pain which is why owners should learn to see warning signs that can tell owners if our pet's health are in danger. The severity of your pet's condition depends on how often your pet press their head to the wall, as well as the amount of time that they spend on it.

Getting your veterinarian to check on your pet is important, since head pressing may indicate that your pet needs immediate medical care.

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