Friday, August 14, 2015

High Tech Dog Collar to Keep your Buddy Safe

High Tech Dog Collar, smart dog collar

Check out this high-tech smart dog collar that keeps your dog safe and healthy. The "Buddy" collar which is created by Squeaker can track your dog's activity throughout the day. The collar is connected into the owners smartphone using Android or iOS app. It shows your dog's activity like distance that the dog walked, or number of stairs climbed is collected by the collar. You can also measure your dog’s food intake to see if you’re overfeeding it or not.

Using the app you can also set up a geofence, where you can place an area which your dog is allowed to play and run. If your dog goes outside the area, the device will send you a text message. It also gives you GPS information so that you can always track your dog’s location.

Squeaker  is looking for funds on Kickstarter for this new product.
 High Tech Dog Collar, smart dog collar
The collar is also equipped with color LED light and using the App you can customize the collar’s colors. The Buddy collar cost $300.
High Tech Dog Collar, smart dog collar

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