Monday, December 8, 2014

Foxes Declared as Pest in Australia

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Looks like Australia hates Fantastic Mr Fox or Fox news, Foxes which are not native to Australia and have multiplied in high numbers are now declared a pest in New South Wales, Australia. Authorities are also concerned because some are bringing them as pets. The NSW government issued a pest control order for foxes which has been introduced for the first time in the state that will force owners to obtain a permit.

Foxes are blamed to cost the Australian environment and economy about $227.5 million (£121m) in damages, because of the damage they cause for livestock producers, according to Primary Industries minister Katrina Hodgkinson.

Sydney Fox Rescue president, Charlie Jackson-Martin is concerned about the order "We understand that we are just one fox control method amongst many, however forcing the closure of our rescue means removing the only no-kill option for foxes currently available in NSW." Their group is a registered charity organization that rescues and finds carers for injured or orphaned foxes.

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