Monday, September 8, 2014

Dog's First Aid

I read a very informative article on Los Angeles Register on how to save your Dog's lives in case of emergency. It gave tips on important points you should know if you are a dog owner. The tips are from Denise Fleck an animal care instructor with the Los Angeles County Regional Occupational Program and author.

Here are the important tips:

1. Put the closest 24-hour animal emergency center on your speed dial. It will also be helpful if you visit the place and check how much they charge, services available, and form of payment they accept.

2. Attend a pet first aid class and have a pet first aid kit at home. Pet first aid kits should include hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting when cats or dogs ingest certain types of poison, gauze to stop bleeding and a thermometer to take your pet’s temperature under the tail. (101 degrees Fahrenheit is normal for cats and dogs, but 104 means there is something wrong.)

3. CPR in dogs are different, you will need to close off the mouth and breathe into your pet’s nose for a direct pathway.


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