Saturday, December 8, 2012

Philippine hero dog “Kabang”

Philippine hero dog “Kabang”

Philippine hero dog “Kabang” is now on her second stage of treatment after her tumor was determined by her doctors at the University of California–Davis to be completely gone.

Posted on FB "Care For Kabang's Page":

"Kabang making the rounds saying hello to her friends in the offices of the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. Kabang was given a physical examination yesterday that showed no signs of the tumor, so she able to start her heartworm treatment. This treatment consists of a deep injection of a drug called Immiticide. Prior to the Immiticide injection she was administered an IV of Carprofen to decrease the pain and inflammation associated with the Immiticide injection. She took the treatment well. She will now be on "bed rest" for 4-6 weeks until the next round of heartworm treatment. "

The group is an organization that raises funds for the treatment of Kabang who became internationally known for heroically saving two young girls from being run over by a speeding motorcycle.

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