Monday, October 8, 2012

Marijuana's effect on pets

Vets worried at a staggering rise of dogs getting sick from marijuana in states where it is legal.

Many people believe that using the drug for medicinal purposes can be beneficial.

But according to a new study, one unintended side effect of legalized pot is a spike in the number of pets who get sick after accidentally ingesting the drug.

A study by Dr. Stacy Meola of the Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital concluded that animal poisoning caused by marijuana quadrupled in Colorado over the past five years, and vets say treating high dogs has become an increasingly common occurrence.

Doping your dog can get your pet very sick and may eventually die.

Once you pet ingest marijuana, they act lethargic, and start staggering and vomiting.  They may also become overly sensitive to sound and light.

In most cases, pets get hold of the drug through negligence of the owners.

So keep in mind marijuana is bad for your pets, keep them away from it be responsible. If you suspect your pet might be sick from the drug be honest and tell your vet right away so they can give proper treatment.

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source yahoo news

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